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That’s right! We have the ATE T51 brake booster used on the 2002ti, 2002tii and 2002 Turbo in stock. This is the 7” diameter, dual-diaphragm boosters used to accommodate the side draft carburetor and fuel injection intakes on these higher horsepower 2002’s. We’ve taken ATE T51 brake boosters used on other European cars of the same time period and adapted the connecting yoke to make these fit the 2002. Same ATE T51 brake booster as the BMW original, same connection to the BMW brake linkage—just bolt it on and go. All these boosters are professionally rebuilt and tested. Each booster includes a new OEM master cylinder to brake booster O-ring, mounting hardware, and an ATE T51 sticker.




 International customers please contact us for a shipping quote to your location.

(No core is required, but, if you have a rebuildable ATE T51 core, we’ll give you $175 credit toward your purchase of one of these brake boosters when you ship your core to us)

M10 tii/ti Brake Booster

  • Click here to get the step-by-step tips on installing M10 Brake Booster.

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