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BACK IN STOCK AS OF 10/18/2023!

The Getrag 265 5-speed, overdrive transmission is the most popular drive train upgrade for the Big Six BMWs (1968 to 1988).  For it to work on these cars, a shorter shift platform is required.  Those shift platforms have become increasingly rare in the wild, sooo, we made our own! 

This is a bolt-on solution for almost all the Big Six bimmers from 1968 to 1988.  This includes the E9 CS coupes, E3 Bavarias/2800/3.0Si/…, E12 5 series, E24 6 series, and E28 5 series. 

We’ve improved on the original design to make it a more universal, easier installation by shortening the skirts to avoid tunnel clearance problems, providing a cutout relief to ensure ample room for any shift lever including DSSRs, and extending the shift platform so it can be bolted directly to the tunnel eliminating the need for any other shift platform brackets/supports.

In addition, the entire shift platform is fabricated out of stainless steel including the two captive nuts for the isolating blocks.  Any bent joints on the piece are also welded together for more rigidity.

We also supply the nylon cup for the shift lever and a bushing with fastener to attach the platform to the tunnel.

Getrag 265 Shift Tower

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