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Eliminate that last bit of slop in your 2002 throttle linkage system with our new Down Rods with Heim Joints!  The original down rod uses metal to metal joints at the firewall and pedal box connections.  Those joints have been wearing down for around 50 years, creating slop and kinking in the carburetor/tii linkage systems.


Our Down Rod with Heim Joints replaces the complete down rod with a stainless-steel rod threaded at both ends with Heim Joints for the connections.  The Heim Joints have built-in studs for a sleek, tight-fitting joint.  We use thick, 6mm jam nuts on the rod so that adjustment is quicker and surer.  The Heim Joints are industrial grade parts with hardened balls and sockets for great durability and are bolted in place with stainless-steel 6mm nyloc nuts.


The stainless-steel rod is custom bent to replicate the factory rod for the downdraft, side draft, tii, and all LHD and RHD versions!!!  The threaded portion provides the same amount of adjustment as the original.  And, we have added extra threads at both ends in case you need to shorten the stainless-steel rod.


This one upgrade will make your pedal response crisp and confident.  No more slop or kinking.



Down Rods with Heim Joints

  • Click here to get the step-by-step tips on installing Downrods with heim joints.

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